Corporate Social Responsibility

We thrive in a society that helps and supports us in our burgeoning ventures. BVC deeply believes in philanthropy. BVC works in close association with many charitable organizations. BVC has tied up with organizations that promote reliefs to benefit underprivileged individuals. The foundation has a long term vision to develop these initiatives and provide sustainable and substantial growth in both, the health care and the education sector. 

  Along with developing long term relationships with charitable organizations like The Giants Group, JSC and Sri Kunthunath Jain Foundation, the BVC foundation has also taken up the responsibility of providing economic assistance to United Way of Mumbai an NGO which supports similar causes through the Mumbai Marathon. Proceeds from these are diverted to provide much needed financial aid to fund healthcare and educational activities. BVC also raises awareness about the NGO.

  Be it provision of dialysis machines or subsidized medical treatment rates, BVC’s goals are focused towards the betterment of healthcare facilities for the less fortunate. After identifying a gap in the medical supplies and equipment, the foundation donated an ambulance in a remote village in Maharashtra.  BVC acknowledges that Education raises standards of quality for life and hence donates 15000 note books annually since 1997. BVC foundation sponsors basic education for economically backward children. The foundation continues to build on the endeavors to provide a better academic setting to these bright young minds.

Charitable Organizations

The BVC Foundation along with BVC Charitable Origination regularly donates large amounts to assists various foundations like... Giants Group, JSC and Sri Kunthunath Jain Foundation.
The BVC Foundation sponsors 15 individuals at the Mumbai Marathon and proceeds are donated to United Way of Mumbai to support education and healthcare causes. The BVC team is raising awareness of the NGO to allow more corporates to donate to the NGO, eventually leading to a larger difference.
Such donations continue to help improve the standard of living of the underprivileged in the society.


BVC Foundation has donated multiple dialysis machines to hospitals and hundreds of patients are treated at discounted rates. Our goal is to continue with such donations that will help patients for years to come. BVC foundation has also donated an ambulance which is currently being used in a village in Maharashtra.


BVC Foundation recognizes that helping to educate the underprivileged youth of India will result in a better quality of life for all. Since 1997 BVC has donated 15,000 books annually, in addition to sponsoring the yearly academics of several children in remote areas.
Our focus will continue to remain on making education available to the underprivileged and on improving the quality of academics for talented promising students.